Getting Your Kids Involved in Prepping

Getting Your Kids Involved in Prepping

We all know the struggle of getting kids to do what they are supposed to do. The struggle becomes even more difficult when trying to teach them survival skills or to become more involved in preparedness. 

This subject matter is nowhere near as interesting or entertaining as what their devices can offer. In a world filled with distractions, how are we supposed to get them more involved in prepping?

The simple answer is to make it more fun. Easier said than done, right? Well, anything worth doing in life is going to take some, if not a lot, of effort. 

In today’s post, I will be going over a few straightforward methods that may help you get your kids involved. 



Walk the Walk 

I’m sure that you remember being talked to as a kid and hearing things like “because I said so” or “do as I say and not as I do”. If you only talk about doing something without actually doing it yourself, it doesn’t give a kid much motivation to do it either. Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. 



Let Them Do It 

There are many different types of learners out there but I think we can all agree that learning is more enjoyable when you can have hands-on experience. 

Kids are balls of energy and it can be difficult for them to merely sit and listen about a topic. Kids love to have something to do, so give them something to do. 

You will have to judge their maturity level when it comes to using certain tools or methods but as long as they are supervised, there is a tone of stuff they can keep busy with. 



Let Them Lead

Sometimes it is not enough to just get kids involved, sometimes you need to let them take the lead, literally. 

Being the navigator in a group is an important role that comes with responsibility. It also comes with a sense of pride because a navigator gets people where they need to go and safely. 

So, whether you are out on the trail or driving around town running errands, hand the map over to them and allow them to lead for a while. 

Have Them Make a Meal 

The act of preparing a meal brings a lot of skills to the table. It also requires a lot of trusts. You have to be able to start a fire, handle potentially dangerous utensils, safely prepare food, and deliver a meal that is as palatable as possible. Lots of kids love to get involved in cooking because it is fun to put a recipe together and to see everyone else enjoying it. 

Also, as long as it is not too wasteful, try not to get upset if they make a mess during the process. That is part of the fun, at least for them it is. 



Have Them Make a Survival Kit 

Everyone should pack their own emergency/survival kit so that they know exactly what is inside. To make this a little more fun, have your kids develop the contents they need for a kit or pack and then put it all together. Be sure to highlight what they did right as well as any shortcomings that should be addressed.


Having everyone within your family or group be on board with emergency preparedness plans or learning survival skills can be a struggle. Working together during adverse times is our best hope of successfully getting through it.

Getting kids involved in this subject can be a chore as well, but if you make the process fun, enjoyable, and filled with quality time, it will only serve to benefit everyone involved. 

Thanks for reading and keep learning and having fun together. 

Share some of the fun ways you have used to get your kids involved in preparedness by leaving a comment below.  




Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors. Learning how to hunt, fish, read the land, and be self-reliant was part of everyday life. Eventually, he combined his passions for the outdoors, emergency preparedness, and writing. Bryan is a published author with Fox Chapel Publishing. In 2019, Bryan authored the book, Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide. In March 2021, he released his second book, Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival.

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