Emergency Poncho

How much does 1 poncho weigh?

Approximately 2.5 oz for orange and green, and 3.5 oz for grey camo.

How big is it when folded?

5 inches x 3.25 inches; packed individually in a Ziplock bag.

Are these ponchos one-time use or reusable?

Our ponchos are made of thick 26-micron mylar which makes them very durable. Most regular emergency blankets are only 12-micron. When taken good care of, most customers get at least 2 uses out of them. Simply fold the poncho up after use and it will be ready for the next event. In a rougher environment, customers use it one-time only. 

I’m a big guy, 6’ 250#, will this work for me?

Definitely! I am a bigger guy 6.3' 300# and I have plenty of room. You will love it!

Are these individually packaged to be easily stored?

Yes, each poncho is individually packaged in a Ziplock bag about the size of a deck of cards (5 x 3.25 inches) for easy storage.

Will this keep you warm bare skin to material?

Yes, it will, however having some layer of clothing will greatly improve the comfort as the clothes add insulation to keep the reflected heat in.

How long and wide are these ponchos?

Folded: 5 inches height x 3.25 inches width

Open/spread out: 46 inches height (hood to bottom) x 49 inches width (sleeve to sleeve)

How long is it? Competitors are 34" from neck to bottom. How about yours?

Neck to bottom is 34 inches; Hood to bottom is 46 inches.

How noisy are they?

They are notably quieter than a regular emergency mylar blanket. The thickness of our ponchos makes the material much quieter.

When worn on the silver side out, is it still rainproof?

Yes. Moreover, if your goal is heat retention, I suggest that the silver side is inside to retain up to 90% of body heat, keeping you warm and safe. If your goal is to increase your visibility, you can wear the silver reflective side out.

Survival Torch

How do you use this fire starter kit?

Please check the following links:

Photo instruction


Any additional tip for fast ignition of the rope?

1. Make sure that the rope end is completely frayed.

2. Place the front end of the Survival Torch on the ground or a solid surface so the rope is bent up and sparks will be directed to the frayed end, and the solid surface gives you additional support while scraping the ferro rod.

What is the rope infused with? Can I buy more rope refill once mine is used up?

Our 36-inch fire starter rope is infused with a nontoxic and safe proprietary blend of wax substances. This blend provides water resistance for the rope, and fast hot ignition from a spark. Replacement ropes are now available. Sold separately.

The rope somehow came right out of the housing upon my second use. I have tried multiple ways to get it back through with no success. Any tips?

1. If you are having trouble re-inserting the rope, you can cut or trim the rope end to get rid of loose strands.
2. Twist the rope end. The wax in the rope will maintain the twisted shape and re-inserting would be easier.

How do you move the rope in and out when it is less than 15 cm?

We recommend purchasing our replacement rope refill as you will need to remove the rope from the housing at 15cm. At that time, you can cut the 15cm remainder into smaller pieces and use it as fire tinder.

Does the wax effect of the rope lasts for many years after you start using it?

Yes, the wax-infused rope will last for many years as in a regular candle wick.


Where can I download the manual?

You can download it here:

Compass Manual

What are the features of this compass and paracord lanyard?

The PREPARED4x Professional-grade Survival Compass features:

-Waterproof Exterior

-Glow-in-the-Dark Degree Dial and Markings

-Sighting & Signaling Mirror

-Sighting Viewer

-Direction-of-Travel Arrow

-North/South Arrow


-Ruler (in/mm)

-GPS Scale

-Declination Adjustment

-2X Magnifying Lens

-Clear Baseplate

The Prepared4x 550 Paracord Neck Lanyard includes:

-35+ feet of 550 Paracord

-9 survival strands inside the paracord (cordage, fire tinder cord, fishing line)

-Emergency Whistle

-Fire Starter

What makes the paracord lanyard special?

1. The lanyard is made from 35+ feet of 550 paracord. In emergency situations, you can also open up the paracord to reveal 9 strands installed inside its length– so you’re prepared for anything.

-7 strands you can use as cordage to help tie supports for a shelter, make a bow drill, make trap trigger, lash materials together for ease of portage, and many more.

-1 fire tinder cord

-1 fishing line

2. With Emergency Whistle

3. With Fire Starter/ Flint and Steel on the buckle

How do you use the fire starter in the paracord lanyard?

Separate the buckle. Use the steel striker on one side to initially scrape the black paint off the small ferro rod on the other side until the shiny raw material is exposed. Use the striker to scrape the ferro rod to produce sparks. The paracord has 9 strands inside including one fire tinder cord.

Is this compass liquid-filled?

Yes. The compass is liquid-filled.

Does the baseplate have both inches and centimeters?

Yes, it does.

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