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These ponchos are a great value - keep 'em in your car for emergencies

Three mylar ponchos at this price is a great deal. We pulled them out during an unexpected downpour at Mt. Rainier and they were totally waterproof and pretty easy to move around in. Plus, they are reusable, unlike the cheap, thin disposable plastic ones.


The whole family covered in one small investment

Just an awesome buy. Multiple in case one rips gets lost, recordable orange and reflective and a coat that acts as a blanket. Must have.

Todd- Author/Doctor

Survival Kit Addition

Better addition to my Survival Kit other that an emergency blanket.

G. Miller

Absolutely Necessary for Go Bag

Great idea / product . Waterproof and heat retention in size a little larger than a pack of cigarettes. Unfolded , plenty roomy ( I wear 2xl jackets) and reaches my knees. Material feels durable, with reasonable care, should last. Advertised as twice as thick as basic mylar space blankets and seems to be. Perfect for Bug Out Bag , daypack or glove box. Great that it's sold as 3 pack. If buying individually, without physically handling it first, I probably would have bought 1 or 2 , but glad to have 3rd as spare. Now , I would not travel anywhere without 2 in my bag. Will be buying more for gifts.


A big improvement over the mylar blankets

I'm keeping my blankets because they take up very little room in my storm supplies but these are a much better option. They're much thicker mylar and stay on your body while still allowing freedom of movement. I'm going to order some more for my car emergency kit.


Emergency Car and Home Kits

Bought these emergency panchos for our cars in case we need to stay warm and or dry. Hopefully we’ll never have to use them. These seem like a great idea since it frees up your hands to do other things and still be protected.

C. Kit

Bug-out-bag must have-Emergency Blanket Poncho

These were a perfect addition to our survival bags we leave in autos. I chose due to the bright color. We often go on overnight hikes and if one were to get lost it would be easily seen. not sure about durability as I might not have to use, but it felt durable.


Good for your get home bag

Lightweight for your 10 essentials in your hiking or get home bag. Not for daily use.


Great Durable Poncho

Recently used this poncho at a football game and it worked great. Very durable and light weight. My friends purchased ponchos from the big box store and by the end of the game each of their ponchos had at least 2 holes. My poncho was in such good condition that I let it dry and folded it up so that I could use it again.

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