fire starter demonstration prepared4x new product launch survival tool

New Product: PREPARED4x Survival Torch

Ever find yourself on a grand outdoor adventure scraping away at a too-small ferro rod trying to throw a shower of sparks without scraping your skin? How often has your ferro rod snapped in your gear bag without you realizing it? What about that frustrating dance you do when you are trying to light your camp lantern and camp stove with a piece of tinder from your main fire? Ferro rods are such great tools but they have needed a major redesign.

Isn’t it time for an upgrade? 

prepared4x firestarter product survival torch outdoor

prepared4x firestarter product survival torch outdoor









PREPARED4x is all too familiar with these scenarios. And we knew we could make something better. Our latest product, the PREPARED4x Survival Torch, is a modern take on the traditional ferro rod and striker combo. The ferro rod is nestled in an ergonomic aluminum casing that protects the rod itself from breaking while also giving you a firm grip. The attached steel striker has a curved design that makes it easy to control and direct the shower of sparks created by the military-grade ferrocerium rod. Both are held together with a 36-inch hemp rope wick that makes it easy to hold and control the flame that you’ve created. 

Everything you need for a roaring blaze. 

prepared4x firestarter product survival torch outdoor

The PREPARED4x Survival Torch is the FIRST product to encompass all three elements of the fire triangle in a single product. The Torch provides the oxygen, heat, and fuel you need to get your fire started. Never waste time digging through camp looking for all your tools, everything you need to start a roaring blaze is conveniently tucked away in a single product. 

Our patent-pending product’s real innovation comes from the hemp wick that is threaded through the aluminum casing. The wick is infused with a proprietary blend of both fuel and waterproofing materials to make the wick both waterproof and wind-resistant, making the PREPARED4x Survival Torch completely weatherproof. You’ll have a roaring blaze regardless of the elements you are up against. 

fire starter demonstration prepared4x new product launch survival tool fire starter demonstration prepared4x new product launch survival tool









 Oh, and running around your campsite trying to light multiple fires with a piece of tinder? Consider that part of your life finished. A single well-aimed strike can alight the hemp rope of your PREPARED4x Survival Torch. Don’t waste your ferro rods by striking them over and over! The lit hemp rope can be safely carried around your campsite to light multiple fires. Control the size of your flame by sliding the rope in or out of the aluminum casing. 

Light your torch with one strike!

fire starter demonstration prepared4x new product launch survival tool

Our Promise To You

PREPARED4x is dedicated to bringing you high-quality products that meet your needs in both everyday use and in emergencies. The compact Survival Torch can safely be packed away in your backpack, go-bag, hiking and camping packs, and hunting gear.

At PREPARED4X, we know what it’s like to be in that moment when you wish you had X. That’s why it’s our mission to create high-quality, inventive survival gear, so our customers are always PREPARED4X. Founded by an Eagle Scout, our company values are based on the 12 points of Boy Scout Law – and we strive to always be helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. If you have any issues with your fire-starting kit, we’re here to help.

Want a FREE PREPARED4x Survival Torch? 

fire starter demonstration prepared4x new product launch survival tool

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