• 3+ Hours of Continuous Burn
  • Waterproof & All Weather-Resistant
  • The Ultimate All-in-one Fire Starter Tool


Premium Quality
Ferrocerium Rod
36” Wax-Infused
Hemp Fire Starter Rope
Steel Striker
Aluminum Housing
Waterproof, Wind-Resistant
All Weather-Resistant
The Ultimate All-in-one
Fire-starter Tool


Watch Our Customers Make Fire!

Customer reviews

WAY better than the normal striker set! This thing is awesome. The addition of the easy to fray rope to the end makes this far easier to use than the standard set. The rod itself is superior to any ferro rod I've owned prior. My 8-year-old got the hang of it easily. Highly recommend.

- Lee

Awesome! I was looking for a fire starter and didn’t want to buy all the parts separately. I came across this all in one kit and couldn’t resist especially with the price.

- Wormz

Great fire starter kit! Bought this for my husband and he loves it. I think this would make a great gift for a bushcrafter.

- Donna

Great invention to marry these two devices! We have a ferro rod and a tinder wick as separate tools in our bag. When I saw this, I had to have one. Such a great idea.

- Kathryn

Works easily and exactly as expected! I got this product because I do a lot of outdoor fires. I opened it up and had the rope on fire in less than a minute. I am going to get a lot of mileage out of this product.

- Mike

Works good in the rain! Once I got the hang of using the striker’s serrated end to fray the rope, I could light it with 1 or 2 strikes every time. This is a must have for survivalist! I will be ordering a few more for all my bags.

- Prime Time

Survival Torch- A trusted source

Lets start by wow ! This tool gives you a solid chance for survival and cool factor on lighting your camp fire. Well done!

- Dennis

Camping must have! What a cool tool! A bit of a learning curve as I’ve never used on before, but once I got the hang of it wow! I can’t wait to take this camping and use with my new fire pit. Love how compact it packs down to.

- N.B.

What a clever idea! 💯 Nicely designed and effective ferro fire starter. This tool will replace my old ferro rod in the daypack. We just ordered another one for the camping bag as well. You better get you some!

- PhatLowe

Best fire starter ever! Best fire starter I’ve ever seen! I received this product on time and it’s great!

- Parton May

So simple a granny can do it! Bought one of these as a “kind of joke” gift for my 74 year old mom who is going through a prepper jag. Next day she texts me a photo of a lit wick with “I DID IT!!” in all caps. So there ya go....she made fire after a couple minutes of fiddling with it.

- XD Tinman

Amazing! I've been searching and trying different ways to get a "sure thing" fire started in different conditions and for me this is the perfect item. Creates a nice flame and combined with some fatwood makes lighting a fire in difficult conditions doable.

- Brent


Everything You Need to Effectively Start a Safe, Controlled Fire

*Premium Quality Ferrocerium Rod

*36-Inch Wax-Infused Hemp Fire Starter Rope

*Curved Steel Striker

*Premium Aluminum Housing to easily control and extinguish fire

*Waterproof and All-Weather Resistant

Light a Fire Anywhere Instantly

Made with 6 x ½ inch (Large) or 4 x ⅜ inch (Small) Ferrocerium, this fire starter instantly produces a shower of glowing sparks with a single strike, guided directly to the wick by our curved steel striker for a strong, immediate flame to light your tinder, kindling, or hot coal fire.

The Ultimate Fire-Starter Tool

No need to buy a separate flint and steel, tinder wick, and bellow because this fire kit includes everything you need to create a safe, controlled fire.

Will Not Fail You in Emergency Situations

With a 36-inch infused hemp fire starter rope, this fire starter provides over 3+ hours of continuous burn time or thousands of single-strike uses.

Easy to Hold Flint Fire Starter

This fire kit packs easily into your go bag, hunting pack, or camping and hiking gear.

Available in:


Large 6" (10 oz) and Small 4" (4.5 oz)


Large 6" (8 oz) and Small 4" (4 oz)

All-Weather Resistant

Fully waterproof, wind-resistant, and weather-resistant, this emergency survival fire starter will ignite easily, even if it’s been left out in the rain all night.



  • How do you use this fire starter kit?


  • Is the ferro rod flammable?

    No. Please check this 30-minute continuous burn test video as proof:

  • Any additional tip for fast ignition of the rope?

    1.) Make sure that the rope end is completely frayed. II 2.) Place the front end of the Survival Torch on the ground or a solid surface so the rope is bent up and sparks will be directed to the frayed end, and the solid surface gives you additional support while scraping the ferro rod.

  • What is the rope infused with? Can I buy more rope refill once mine is used up?

    Our 36-inch fire starter rope is infused with a nontoxic and safe proprietary blend of wax substances. This blend provides water resistance for the rope, and fast hot ignition from a spark. Replacement ropes are now available. Sold separately.

  • The rope somehow came right out of the housing upon my second use. I have tried multiple ways to get it back through with no success. Any tips?

    1.) If you are having trouble re-inserting the rope, you can cut or trim the rope end to get rid of loose strands. II 2.) Twist the rope end. The wax in the rope will maintain the twisted shape and re-inserting would be easier.

  • How do you move the rope in and out when it is less than 15 cm?

    We recommend purchasing our replacement rope refill as you will need to remove the rope from the housing at 15cm. At that time, you can cut the 15cm remainder into smaller pieces and use it as fire tinder.

  • Does the wax effect of the rope lasts for many years after you start using it?

    Yes, the wax-infused rope will last for many years as in a regular candle wick.


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