Introducing the Prepared4X Pro Hiking Compass - The Latest Tool for Your Survival Gear Bag

Introducing the Prepared4X Pro Hiking Compass - The Latest Tool for Your Survival Gear Bag

Prepared4X is proud to introduce the latest tool in our exclusive emergency preparedness line of products. The Pro Hiking Compass is a powerful multi-tool featuring a glow-in-the-dark navigational compass, 35 feet of 550 paracord rope, a fire starter, whistle, fishing line, sighting mirror, and a variety of measurement tools. The waterproof navigational compass kit is an ideal tool for adventurers, hikers, campers, preppers, and survivalists.

Outdoor Adventure Navigation Compass Emergency Preparedness Features

The compass is waterproof and features a clinometer, direction-of-travel arrow, north/south arrow, as well as declination adjustment. The full-size compass is far more accurate and easier to read than the smaller compass bracelets and features significantly more usable 550 paracord. The glow-in-the-dark dial makes navigation possible even in pitch-black darkness. 

Night Time Navigation Compass

The compass mirror has a sighting feature that allows you to keep an eye on both your compass while still scanning the upcoming terrain. The mirror also doubles as a signaling device if the need for emergency rescue assistance arises. 

Long Distance Sighting Mirror Navigation Compass Outdoor

The paracord acts as a lanyard for the compass device but in case of emergency can be unraveled to expose a built-in fishing line, fire tinder cord, and 35 feet of usable 550 paracord. The lanyard also has a built-in emergency fire starter and a whistle that can be used for signaling in the case of an emergency.

550 Paracord Emergency Preparedness Outdoor Adventure

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Prepared4X is a Jacksonville, Florida based survival gear company. With over 10,000 customers already using Prepared4X products, Prepared4X is quickly becoming the industry leader in the outdoor survival industry and the emergency preparedness industry. Founded by an Eagle Scout, the company values are based on the 12 points of Boy Scout Law – count on Prepared4X to always be Helpful, Friendly, and Trustworthy.

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Hello Rick!

Thank you for purchasing our Compass product! You will see the find the end of the paracord near the clip portion of the lanyard. The weave of the paracord is pretty tight to keep the end secured so they wont unravel. We recommend using a knife to pry the end loose for access to the full cord as a rope, or to cut the melted tip off the chord in order to access the fire tinder cord or fishing line.


I am new at this, I received my new compass, prepared4x. Can you please explain how to undo the paracord in an emergency? I found no instructions.

Rick Noseworthy

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